Dear Derrick,

Thank you for your note and writing sample.

I know your name is Derrick because someone told me, not because I can read it. Your signature is not legible and has been reduced to a hieroglyph, much like doctors or artists. In any case, your illegible signature means that you want to communicate your thoughts but not your identity. In addition to being secretive, this type of signature shows that you are creative and impatient. Your signature has a very large capital first letter and a long over score stroke (like an exceptionally long T crossing). The over score stroke suggests that you are proud and self-confident while still being very self-protective. Your signature also shows significant egocentrism as well as inner reserve, mistrust and selfishness. The large capital D suggests that you want to achieve a prominent public place in life.

Think about all these things next time you sign your name.

Derrick, your writing is very quick, wide, disconnected (printed), has large capitals, an inconsistent slant and rises.

Handwriting that rises from left to right on a line shows optimism and aggression. You are enthusiastic, energetic, and feel frustrated when your energy is scattered or misdirected. You are a person who accomplishes things even if you have to bulldoze your way to achievement.

You are confident and have faith in your abilities and in the future. You feel certain that your goals and ambitions will turn out as planned.

Because you are so confident you are a versatile individual. You are capable of adapting to new ideas and ways of doing things. You are flexible, energetic and diplomatic but sometimes can be excitable, moody, and stubborn.

You write fast, Derrick, because you think fast and this quickness in thinking means that you are very intelligent. You are an analytical thinker, and your active mind stimulates your physical energy. You are goal minded, ambitious, and motivated to achieve.

With all of your energy and enthusiasm you can sometimes be rash, unsociable, inconsiderate, and overly aggressive, as well as lacking in sensitivity.

The disconnected nature of your printing suggest intuitive thinking, imagination, vision, inventiveness, self-reliance, intellectual vision, inventiveness, intellectual initiative, and quick grasp and insight.

Derrick, you are obviously a gentleman of with significant talent and great potential for achievement, but I would suggest that you take the time to develop personal relationships as well as professional accomplishments.

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