Dear Denise,

Thank you so much for your handwriting sample and note regarding this most important decision.

Your writing shows that you are bright and talented so I believe you have the mental ability to handle any of the jobs you have mentioned. You don’t say anything about your educational level so I am assuming you already have a bachelor’s degree.

Of the careers you mentioned I think your best bet would be a junior high or high school teacher, especially in math or science.

You could be a fine speech therapist but speech therapy programs are highly selective and difficult to get into. Very few universities or colleges, in fact, have speech therapy programs.

You could also be a good elementary school counselor, though that role has changed in recent years to that of a social worker. Many high schools still use counselors but their function is frequently restricted to college admission work, rather than personal counseling.

I don’t know a lot about wildlife biologists.

Veterinary schools are also very difficult to get into. I understand it is as difficult to be accepted in vet school as medical school.

I do know that schools are always looking for good science and math teachers and it is easier to get certified in education than in the other professions you mentioned. If given a choice, I would also recommend high school teaching, in part because your chances of teaching biology would be better.

You could do well in all of these fields because you are intelligent, practical, realistic, organized, and emotionally stable.

You have an exploratory and investigative mind. You learn quickly and without a great deal of effort and you have the interest and ability to analyze data and draw appropriate conclusions.

I also believe you could be a good teacher because you are friendly, kind, and sincerely interested in people. You will care about the students as well as the subject matter.

Much good luck in your decision making process.

Handwriting samples needed

The Handwriting Analysis column began in 1976 and it was expected the column would last about six months.

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