Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for your letter and for being a faithful reader of this column for a long time. I am also amazed at how accurate handwriting analysis can be and I’ve been doing this for a long time.

Has your mother analyzed your writing? If so, it will be interesting for you to compare here analysis with mine.

Your writing, Steve, is neat, small, legible, and connected. These characteristics, along with several others, reveal a good deal about your talents and personality.

I’m surprised that your writing can be so small yet so legible. Small writing requires a great deal of concentration and your writing shows realism, intentional understatement, a distaste for boasting, executive ability, and an academic mentality. It also suggests modesty, and a possible inferiority complex.

This small but legible script tells me that you are conscientious, accurate (not surprising that you work in information systems), theoretical, studious, thoughtful, and have a strong inclination for detail. You have learned to channel your energy into thinking so you are objective and serious, but also economical and frugal, as well as secretive and reticent.

Your small script suggests strong will power and self-control, and this can cause you to be over-scrupulous and lacking in enthusiasm.

On the other hand, your high T bars show that you have high goals and expectations and are optimistic about the future. Also, your writing has a slight slant to the right and this means that you are sociable, sympathetic, kind, and friendly, but you keep your emotions in check and don’t over-emote.

Steve, your writing is small and neat but you don’t write very fast. This slow writing tells me that you are careful, well-balanced, cautious, emotionally stable, prudent, neat, and precise.

All of these strong control mechanisms suggest that you can be passive, tense, and anxious.

You are a cooperative, practical, realistic guy, Steve, so I know you are a good worker, and a real humanitarian.

Much good luck and have a wonderful autumn.

Submit your writing

To have your handwriting analyzed, send a sample to: James Murray, Wednesday Journal, 141 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302.