Dear Mary,

Thank you for your handwriting sample and for your literary letter.

I refer to your note as literary not only because of your interesting quotations but also because your Greek E’s (like a backward number 3) reveal that you have many literary, intellectual and cultural interests. You enjoy the fine arts and have a strong desire for refinement.

Your writing is also fast and fluent and this means that you think and act quickly and smoothly. You have the ability to write and speak without great effort. One thought quickly follows another and you are able to quickly switch your train of thought. These are indicators of literary talent, which I hope you are developing.

Mary, you also use flags on lead-in strokes on your capital letters and this shows a good sense of humor. You are usually jovial and good company because you are so cheerful and good natured. You love to jest with people, but you have been known to use your quick wit to be cynical and sarcastic. These flags (overly decorative lead-in strokes) also suggest that you have a deep emotional hunger for attention. You delight in playing to the grandstand, and sometimes go overboard in seeking attention.

Mary, you have outstanding intellectual abilities. You think and learn quickly, so you have great mental energy and vitality, many interests, ambition, and the self-assurance that comes from knowing that you know. Your brain is always in high gear so you are in constant need of mental stimulation and new challenges.

Your left margin narrows and your lines of writing fall, and these things suggest some inner fatigue or depression, and some difficulty letting go of the past.

In addition, Mary, your writing slants to the right, is light, and is connected. This combination of writing characteristics suggests that you are a good worker, a systematic thinker, and feel a strong need for variety and change. You are sensitive, independent, sympathetic, and susceptible to atmosphere. You are friendly, sociable, enthusiastic, affectionate, and generous. You can be impatient, restless, and irritable, but in general, you are a good and bright person who possesses wholesome self confidence and has made a sensible adjustment to life. Your mind disciplines your emotions, so I know you are emotionally stable, orderly, persevering and dependable.

Good luck and Happy Halloween.