Dear Jane,

Thank you very much for your note and writing sample.

Yes, I have requested writing samples because I have not been receiving many lately and, as a result, the future of this column is in jeopardy.

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that most people don’t write anymore. They type on a computer and when they do write by hand, they print. Cursive writing is not emphasized in elementary schools, as it once was, and so it is becoming a lost art, as is handwriting analysis.

You still use the Palmer Method, Jane, and your writing is very attractive. It is a sample of a vanishing art form. Besides being attractive, your writing is neat, legible, large, rightward, and connected.

Because you still write the Palmer Method very much like you were taught in second-grade I know you are a very traditional and dignified person. You are formal in your dress, behavior, and manners, and you act according to custom and convention. You follow the rules and always try to do the right thing at the right time. It is difficult for you to accept new religious, social, or cultural beliefs. You work hard at being polite and proper, but this does not mean you don’t think for yourself.

You are, in fact, a bright and independent thinker. You have a sharp mind and a very curious nature. You are interested in a lot things and your brain is always in action.

Jane, the fact that you write large (especially your capital letters) tells me that you are proud, idealistic, ambitious, and have a good deal of self-esteem. You have a taste for religion, art, music, and you like being observed and hate being overlooked.

Your rightward script tells me that you are sociable, outgoing, generous, affectionate, optimistic, and a good communicator.

You are kind, sympathetic, frank (even sarcastic at times) and very much of a humanitarian.

You have good common sense, and are a good, practical, and persistent worker. You think logically and are usually cooperative and goal minded.

You are sincere and straightforward, and try to deal honestly with everyone, and expect honesty in return.

Jane, you ought to put a sample of your handwriting in a time capsule for future generations to admire.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving.

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