Dear Heather Jean,

Thank you so much for your letter and handwriting sample. I’m glad you took the time to write and share your thoughts about penmanship as an art form.

I can tell that you take your cursive writing seriously because your script is embellished, thick and written with a violet felt pen.

The fact that you write with a felt tip pen makes your strokes thicker than if written with a ball point pen. We refer to this thickness as pastiosity. Your pasty writing tells me that you are a sensual person. You are warm, impressionable, colorful, and enjoy good living. Food, drink, color, music, art, and sex are important to you. You have a good sense of humor and know how to enjoy life. You are physically orientated and need outlets to express your physicality.

Hopefully, you have been able to find an outlet to express your physical needs and creativity in your work. If an appropriate outlet is not available you run the risk of being very frustrated.

The sharp points on your Ms and Ns show that you are intelligent and have the ability to think smoothly and to express yourself both verbally and in writing. You have strong literary abilities.

Heather Jean, your writing is embellished. This means that it is ornamented and showy. This means that you are self-conscious and have a deep emotional hunger for attention.

This hunger for attention may be shown in your capital Is, which have no base. This suggests an over identification with your mother, which may be hostile dependence, and not with you father. You are very self-protective and strongly influenced by your early life experiences. Idealism and ethical principles are very important to you. It is hard for you to say no, you hate conflict, and you are vulnerable to male dominance.

Your large, heavy writing shows that you are serious, self-reliant, proud, bold, and responsible. You are strong-willed and tenacious, but are inclined to be secretive and self-deceiving.

Heather Jean, you are sociable, enthusiastic, optimistic, unselfish, and affectionate, and a persistent worker. You are goal minded and cooperative but you desire change. Boredom is your enemy, so it is easy for you to become restless and irritable.

You have many fine personal qualities and I hope you can figure out how to use them all effectively. Much good luck to you in your new home and I hope you have a wonderful 2008.

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