Owners of a Roosevelt Road bar accused of violating several provisions in the village’s liquor code agreed to pay a fine and have their license suspended for 72 hours during a brief hearing held Nov. 12.

Tonik, 7247 Roosevelt, was cited by Police Chief Jim Ryan for a series of alleged infractions that included failing to report a stabbing that occurred outside the bar, serving alcohol during prohibited hours and intentionally locking investigators out of the establishment. Those acts all centered around an apparently wild night at Tonik on May 9, but department records show that officers have spent a great deal of time corralling noisy patrons, litter bugs and even a suspected gang member who was hired by Tonik to promote special events.

Faced with the possibility of having their liquor license revoked altogether, the bar owners and their attorney negotiated to pay $1,750 in penalties and to have their license suspended for Nov. 20 through Nov. 22.

Mayor Anthony Calderone, who also serves as Forest Park’s liquor commissioner, said that an understanding has been reached and the punishment is a “fair agreement amongst all the parties.”

Initially, brothers Ante Pervan and Nikola Pervan, the owners of Tonik and holders of the liquor license, appeared at village hall in October to answer the charges. The matter was rescheduled and, in the meantime, the bar owners and their attorney met with Calderone and Ryan. It was during that discussion, said Calderone, that the proprietors realized the extent of their responsibilities if they’re to continue operating a bar.

“I think there were some serious misunderstandings on the part of the liquor license holder,” Calderone said. “I think that they felt they were being singled out, which is not the case.”

In addition to the fines and suspension, the Pervans submitted a written security plan to better regulate patrons’ behavior. Cameras will record activity inside the bar, and the village made clear that if there are problems they need to contact the police or the mayor and work toward a solution.

The bar’s owners did not attend the hearing. Their attorney, Katheryn Ciesla, did not return calls seeking comment.

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