For the $95,000 settlement in the e-mail hacking lawsuit that a former commissioner brought against the village, the village had to pay $25,000.

That’s the Village of Forest Park’s deductible on its insurance policy, according to Village Clerk Vanessa Moritz said.

“We did not pay the attorneys. The insurance company did,” Moritz said.

The village’s insurance company is Scottsdale Insurance.

“The legal fees that they’ve spent, according to them, are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Moritz said.

The village has yet to be billed for this deductible, according to Moritz.

Theresa Steinbach, a DePaul University professor who was a village commissioner from 2003 to 2007, sued the village in August 2006, saying her village e-mail account had been hacked and that private messages were read.

In addition to a monetary settlement, the suit was dropped with an agreement that the village amend it computer-use policy.

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