I write this column in electronic form only, hoping to jump the gun on the Review’s new interactive website and get real-time response from readers.

Rory did good. Rory pulled off a freaking David v. Goliath miracle. Rory brought the Proviso machine of self-servers to their knees as they pray for the Welch-Hoskins statistical tie to break in their favor.


Of course, the Hoskins folks are praying just as hard but Rory is the classy underdog who battled against incredible odds – machine money (about 10 to 1), the Proviso machine, the Leyden machine, the Cicero machine, the Forest Park machine and the wretched flyers that were, at least, aided and abetted by players within our charming village.

A Forest Park blogger wraps it with a bow of hope on top:

“Welch and his ‘machine’ failed to deliver. All the power players who lined up for ‘their guy’ failed to deliver,” he said. “They may have, once again, fooled just enough of the people for just long enough, but I have to say that this race has helped restore my faith that change and progress can compete with the Proviso Way. I sense that even if this turns into a victory for the status quo, they’ve lost far more than they can possibly gain by backing continued smarm, corruption and licentiousness over competence and non-entrenched loyalties.”

He concludes, “In the final analysis, this is a huge day for progress, win, lose or draw.” http://rawrahs.blogspot.com/2012/03/small-town-charm-or-primary-day-in.html

Mayor Anthony Calderone blanketed the joint with 1400 personally mayoral letters supporting his deeply flawed candidate and ‘friend’, Chris Welch. Mark Hosty told Chamber lunchers that “all those things are true!” referring to the anonymous mug shot flyer with bizarre Rory accusations. Tom Mannix pushed Welch and profited from Welch via his new robocall contract. Sweet.

Their pitch was unacceptable to the 67% of Forest Park voters who voted for Rory. Witnessing our native son maligned and undermined by our “leaders” was embarrassing for all and eye-opening repulsive for plenty, including our neighbors in River Forest who gave Rory 69% of their votes.

The Chicago-area media were virtually screaming, “Red Alert! Red Alert!” regarding our relatively insignificant 7th District state rep race giving voters a mountain of investigative stories, editorials and endorsements supporting Rory and denouncing Welch. The disconnect between the story our “leaders” pushed and what most voters knew was true is too large to mend. A respectful hat tip to the folks at Pioneer Press for yeoman’s work in this race.

Calderone, Hosty and Mannix played their cards for all to see and could not have demonstrated more clearly that not only are Proviso students expendable in their pursuit of personal fortune and political power but they want prime space at the 7th District feeding trough.

Us guys? We’re just the jamokes who keep them in office, sadly over-grateful for street parties and plowed sidewalks. We should work on our expectations.

Forest Park’s small-town charm meme – you know, the one in which we take care of our own, have each other’s backs and our loyal hearts are as big as the sky – appears to be a sad fairy tale we tell to get some sleep at night because, in reality, we live in a village with no damn high school, no damn sewers and elected officials who don’t give a damn.

Rule 1: There is a club.

Rule 2: You are not in it.

So, no, Forest Park does not take care of its own.