Madison Street, Forest Park, the little street with the BIG awards. Now we have the ice cream award!! Connie Brown and the Brown Cow!! One of the 12 best ice cream parlors in the country. We’ve had the mystery book store award for a few years so we’re getting used to these honors. I nominate Ed’s Way for the old fashioned mom & pop grocery store award. How would you like the job of the guy who goes all over the country looking for the best ice cream parlor?

Speedy recovery wishes to Chuck Alvorado who took advantage of his summer vacation from school by acquiring a new hip. Chuck is the daddy you often see walking his beautiful daughter, Journey, around town. Now Journey’s pretty mom, Sarah, has taken over that job.

Jose Corei, baker, and man of all trades around Athena’s Bakery, is also the self-appointed gardener of the premises. Inside, just as beautiful as the flowers outside, is the bright, lively painting of a Mexican fiesta by the well-known Mexican painter Nicolas de Jesus of Carrero. The painting is not shown in color here, but drop in to Athena’s on Desplaines Ave. and see for yourself. You can almost hear the music.

Congratulations to Sherry Maughm who officially became a U.S. citizen on June 18th. Sherry was born in Barbados and is planning to attend a reunion there later this summer. Sherry’s son, Keionne Maughm, just celebrated his 13th birthday last May, by getting some difficult dental work done. He was last seen walking down Hannah Avenue with what looked like two white tusks emerging from his mouth (it was just gauze). He’s all better now.

A whole slew of Forest Park students are the proud graduates of Dominican University in River Forest. Laura Lanzerotte graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in apparel design and apparel merchanding. Alexis Coffer graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s in corporate communication . William Murzyn received his bachelor’s degree in early childhood education . Matthew Nacpil and Caroline Beach received bachelor’s degrees in medical science. Congratulations all-round.

Remember former editor of the Review Lorian Menhennett? She just graduated from pre-med and is considering what med school to attend next year. Lorian has temporarily moved back to Forest Park.

Happy birthday this week to William Hough, Patty Marino Erin Laughlin, Rick Leninger, Norm Leinweber, Shirley Christell, Sandy Byrnes, Tracy Aleksy, Jack Christell, Frank Cassiani, June Doulder, Kathleen Bell, Lisa Marquardt, Kay Madden, Tim Flight, Virginia Collis, Scott McAdam, Ben Reina, Melissa Murgas, Matt Montes, Alaina Zuas, Sue Pyan, Michael Fox, Lucian Duhem; Tina Neubeiser, Nancy Lovell and Nicholas Faber Ross. Happy anniversary to Gert and Millard Phebus and Marie and John Spence.