We are fans of David King –though we allow that he may be an acquired taste.

Meet a person who has just encountered David for the first time and there is a look of wonder, maybe bewilderment on their face. So it is when you meet a force of nature.

David King is beyond energetic, beyond well-connected, beyond street smart. He is passionate about what he believes and believes in. He is opinionated and straight talking. He is loyal if you are loyal. He is optimistic and hard-working. He is funny and he is sputtering loud when he gets on a toot. Which is frequently. He is also, maybe surprisingly to some, a very good listener, a very good character judge, a very good friend.

Most people would know him from the ubiquitous DK signs that turn up in nearly every vacant storefront in Forest Park, Oak Park and most near west suburbs. So he is the top commercial leasing broker in our area. But he is more than that. He is a devoted Forest Parker. And he is devoted to Triton College, his alma mater, and, he would say, his life changer.

Next week, the Triton College Foundation will honor David for his 14 years of service on its board. He has raised a lot of money for Triton as he has raised its flag on all fronts. Expect a crowd because David attracts a crowd from all the many ways he connects with our towns. This is a well deserved honor.