Sort of exciting, this fancy new get-up the Review has provided us.

I’m a believer in community newspapers and can’t imagine a healthy, prosperous town without one – like a town w/out a grocery store, a church, or a fire station. Forest Park is particularly fortunate to have a paper that does what it’s supposed to do, namely, inform readers what’s happening in town, report on the powers-that-be w/a critical eye, offer analysis and opinion on important issues, and function as the village communication center. Our new online platform will improve that last function by orders of magnitude. Yay!

I read in the newspaper that this blog covers politics, which was clarifying for me, as  when previously asked, I’d say, “village hall – mostly.” In our little town, village hall is where the action is regarding the stuff that affects our lives and wallets. The great exception is, of course, our schools, and I deeply hope an experienced and passionate local will start blogging about it here.

Daly Dish is the name of this blog, and I chose it for a few reasons:

1) I ruminated on names over Thanksgiving week, and so the idea of offering a nourishing, delicious, exciting dish was a natural.

2) Possibly the most common reference for dish are the satellites that transmit/receive information and entertainment. Powerful symbolism, and I like it.

3) And yes, it’s fun and sassy.

I came upon a wonderful new-to-me word last week – colloquy* – and entertained that as a name, but it sounded a bit like a physical malady and after last month’s column on constipation, well, I didn’t want to start a theme.

* Colloquy (from Latin colloquium: con– [together] + loqui [speak]); meaning “discussion” or “conversation”




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