Let’s just get this on the table.

I’ve written one little welcome piece for this blog and already some folks are very concerned that nothing good can come from discussing village politics and have assigned nefarious motives to the mothership in Oak Park. So we’re off to a well worn and crushingly boring start.

This week’s paper was fabulous! The lede story covered our great Holiday Walk w/pics of doggies (!), explained an intriguing program of our kids working w/our PD, a local book illustrator, a local publishing house, our very own NASA physicist, a cool new restaurant opening, how the PD landed a longtime perp, announced the valuable revamping of the Review Online, and offered the ever popular Police Blotter. Not to mention the great, non-politicalish writing of our talented columnists John Rice, Stephanie Kuehnert and Jackie Schultz. The wonderful Tom Holmes must still be on vacation.

I’m pretty sure our readers can handle one column a month and a blog on the state of our village.

And for the love of God, can you respond w/something substantial? Everyone already knows that I:

1) am fat

2) am ugly

3) have no life

4) am bitter

5) am a liar

6) and hate Tony Calderone

C’mon. Let’s try something new for the new year.

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