In the world of ISHA sports, Illinois Boys Basketball Championships and Proviso East are synonymous. The boy’s varsity team, as well as the students of Proviso East, deserve some recognition of their 2013 accomplishments. Getting support from the Proviso community and the larger Chicago metro area and paying attention to Proviso East are rare commodities. Being perceived and ignored this way has a cost. Being perennial underdogs carries a negative burden for the school. For every good thing said about this urban/suburban high school there are a dozen bad things said that distort this public institution’s image, as well as demoralizing its school population.

With the limited economic resources this public school is given, somehow some athletic program and basketball in particular have flourished at Proviso East. To the 2013 team, coach and staff, the past coach and his staff, the administration, faculty, and especially the students, “Stand tall… Your Proviso experience in seeking the state crown is something that no one can take from you.” Your efforts and successes are because of persistent hard work and a team mindset, which are practical lifelong attributes that many other suburban school athletic departments only dream about and often throw in far more resources to achieve. Good luck today!

Bob Cox
Forest Park

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