Five days to the election, folks, and we’ll see if a Letter to the Editor is enough to feed the voracious appetite of the eight armed (and two tenacled) Forest Park Truth Squad, affectionately referred to as The Squid. An arm in every pot, baby.



In this week’s Review we have world renowned Finance Minister of Education and Reading Scores, but Google impaired, Expert Village of Forest Park Commish of Accounts and Finance, Mark Hosty, officially criticizing our elementary school board’s financial decisions, reading scores, superintendent, this newspaper, etc. in an attempt to convince voters that Squid sponsored D91 candidate, Brad Keefner (AWOL) is the bee’s knees and brings a lot to the table. Apparently Brian Mortitz is plain old MIA and is not worth bee’s knees-ing.

Seems like Mark has a new best (orange) friend, or two, who have wisely calculated that their own names are politically toxic and needed an unwise front man to push their school board ringer(s). You chose poorly, Mark.

Some folks are hopeful that this odd LTE will serve in lieu of nasty robocalls and unattractive flyers this weekend.

We will see.

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