It’s all up to us now – all on our shoulders, the final word, the no-other-way of the self-governed to create a community worth living in.

The Chamber, the Review and CUinFP have all done their jobs by providing our candidate forums. Two Parks, Two D91’s and one D209, one VG – live forums and all available on YouTube via and on the Review. Nice work for a small town, right?

Video Gambling

Meh. The bar/restaurant owners never got their act together to make a proper argument as to why this would be good for the folks who live and vote here.

The village electeds made it a referendum issue and then went underground so as not to stress their political aspirations. Thanks, Leaders!

If an issue deserves a referendum, it also deserves common expository information. Worthless referendummies. 


Vote ONLY for Kevin McDermott and Della Patterson. The other four candidates are bought/sold Chris Welch tools.


I’m voting w/the FPTeachers’ Union and FP Review rec’s: Mary Win Connor, Rafael Rosa, Mike O’Connor and Eric Connor.

Like us, the two ringers seem to feel used, abused, and ashamed of their candidacy. Thanks, Tom Mannix and Mark Hosty! You and your offerings proved as attractive as dog poop.


Matt Walsh deserves a shot. If he doesn’t perform, we’ll know early on in his career. If he can’t smack this board around enough to improve their communication skills, he’s outta there! He’s got the fire-in-the-belly, tho. He’s got my vote.

Remind one neighbor, one friend, one relative to Vote tomorrow. It’s the American way. 

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