To hear her talk, it would seem that the past century sort of sneaked up on her. Forest Park resident, Lorraine Boy celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday in Forest Park, surrounded by friends and family. “They’re very excited,” said Boy, referring to her loved ones. “I never thought about retiring or age or anything. I’ve had a busy life.”

Boy was grateful for the birthday bash thrown by family and friends. Osteoarthritis makes it hard to get around these days. “The party turned out very well,” Boy cheerfully stated, “Young teenagers came in I only knew as babies and they had to identify themselves. I’d never have recognized them.”

But clearly the family gathering was bittersweet, remembering those who had gone. “Saturday was my birthday. That’s when you realize,” she said. “I have three sons. All of them have passed away.” She admits that it’s been difficult for her, outliving her children, but she said she saw it as just the way life works.