Rich Scafidi and his labradoodle Sean are all over town.

To begin with … a sad good by to another familiar face. You might say a Forest Park tradition. Theresa Giglio, secretary at Grant White since time began. Loved by all, will be missed by every one. Theresa knows every kid in the school she knows how to handle every situation, where to put every piece of paper, lost mitten, you name it, Theresa knows what to do about it Theresa has led a charmed life in many ways. At a Juice Bar, many years ago when Theresa was 16 years old, the pretty young miss was feeling ill and exhausted after a week of school and working at a bank. She went to lie down on a cot at the “bar” and a handsome young man (Frank Giglio) came up and asked if he could take her home. Her friends assured her he was a respectable fellow and so off they went together. They have been together ever since. Their children (all grown up now) are Frank, Rosie and Tony. Here’s a wish for a “Rosie” future to all the Giglios.

There’s a great “Choir Day Camp” being offered by St. John /Walther this summer. For ten days beginning July 29th and ending Friday, August 9th young people from 3rd through 8th grade will enjoy swimming, bowling, outdoor recreation, musicianship , choral literature, vocal technique, stagecraft, improv and self awareness . This opportunity is offered to all students 3rd through 8th regardless of school or religious affiliation. For more information call 847-420-9200 or Email

Congratulations to smartie-pants John Turek who made the honor roll at Marquette this year. John’s majoring in History.

You see them here; you see them there. You seem to see them everywhere. You know who I mean: Rich Scafidi and his faithful companion Sean, the beautiful Larbradoodle wheeling and running about all over. Well, Rich also has a lovely wife, Anne. Anne and Rich Scafidi celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary May 26th. Dinner at Francesca’s with a doggie bag for Sean. Congratulations to a remarkable couple.

The Robinsons, along with all good Norwegians are looking forward to the June 23rd meeting and picnic to which all Norwegians and their friends are invited. It will take place at St. Michael’s Church, LaGrange Park. Phil Robinson’s extensive knowledge of barbeque has earned him the title of BBQ Judge for this event. Other lodges may join the Elvesund Lodge 5-503 that day so there is sure to be a lively crowd. Call 366.1538 for information.

Birthday time for Dermot Casey, Tom Aftanas, Jim Collis, Keionne Maughm, Adam Stahlke, Shirley Hamilton, Doris Knapp, Michelle Collis, Tara Cassiani, Jim Watts, Lydia Holmes, Mike Bigo, Paityn Frances Formanski, Steve Backman, Ashley Santelli, Lauren Arnieri, Margaret Rhode, Paul Schlichting, Philip Tenca, Kevin Coppolino, Bill Golden, Dan Goodman, Tyler Fink. Happy anniversary to Tim and Ruth Stefl.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...