Summer treat: Stella Hope Zach enjoys ice cream from Brown Cow on Madison Street.JACKIE SCHULZ/Contributor

Can you spot the nests? Forest Park arborists, J.J Jandak and Pat Braniff will not touch the dead branches of the big ash tree at the corner of Adams & Thomas. The reason? Two Cooper’s hawk families are raising their young in the tree and must be kept safe until the fledglings are ready to fly off on their own.

Sympathy to Frank Roan and family on the death of their beloved Rhoda. Little Snoopy will be without the patient he has loved and cared for so long.

Speedy get well wishes to John Spence and Jimmy Cavanaugh.

Another new face at Schauer’s. This time it’s Amanda Wyatt, recent graduate of UIC with a major in theatre. Her major included many hours of building and tearing down sets, painting, sets, and all the rest that goes with it. All that experience will come in handy at Schauer’s.

Another recent UIC graduate is Anita Murad who did graduate work in social studies at Jane Addams Hull House School. Anita is now working at Lurie Children’s Hospital with special children.

Stella Hope Zach knows how to handle this summer heat-get away from the rest of the family and enjoy your strawberry ice cream cone in peace. Her family, some friends and two dogs took their cones from Brown Cow a little way up the street.

Congratulations to Michael Lotus, husband of our editor Jean Lotus, on the publication of his book, America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century-Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come, co-authored by James C. Bennett and published by Encounter Books.

Congratulations to Damari Pierre Croswell, who made Dean’s List at Washington University in St. Louis and George Martin who was named to the University of Kansas Spring 2013 Honor Roll.

There’s a new restaurant on Madison for all of your sushi cravings. Bistro Sake opened last week at 7600 Madison.

Kathryn Atwood, local renaissance woman , has just edited /translated her latest book Code Name Pauline: Memoirs of World War II special agent by Pearl Witherington Cornioley. It’s the story of one of the most celebrated female World War II resistance fighters. The book tells about her parachuting into a remote area of France to aid the French resistance, hiding in a wheat field, her family’s harrowing escape from Paris and so much more. Maybe Augie will feature this in one of his special programs at Centuries and Sleuths?

Belated Happy birthday to Nicholas Fini on July 11; happy birthday this week to Debbie Ginger, Rich Krieger, David Pardun, Gene Mull, Katie Murry McElligott, Marilyn Trainor, Josh Olfay, Tom Spinelli, Katie Tricoci, Ellie Clifton, Tim Mellin, Art Farrell, Jenny Okolwicz, Ryan Pacyga, Derek Hein, Millie Spinelli, Angela Nutley, Sharon Good, Rick Hemstreet, Brea McDonald. And happy anniversary to Katie and Dan McElligott, Joanne and Jerry Pinotti, Sharon and Bob Cox (who got a new address sign on their house, compliments of Robert of Signs by Roberta). Robert was proud to tell us that the Cox house is the oldest in Forest Park. Is that a fact?

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