I am gladdened to see continuing conversation on the challenges facing families, community and leadership in pursuance of a quality education for our children. It is, however, disheartening to come to terms with the litany of hurdles we face in that effort. The list is long the outcome uncertain. Do we have the will and determination to go the distance? Are our leaders, the mayor, commissioners, and school boards willing to honestly and earnestly lead our community to educational high ground? Mayor Calderone said “Quality education is a priority for every Forest Parker.” Did he mean for that education to be a direct result of efforts within our district? Then my question is “What’s your plan?” My kids are in a private high school. They have not benefited from this acknowledgement. Is there provisional planning to address the issue, then, for future students?

We understand the options as we move forward. The choices were laid out for us to get OUT of District 209, thank you Jean Lotus, and thank you Dr. Cavallo for commissioning the study, but a heavy lift doesn’t begin to describe the effort. Remaining IN the district, determined to fix and navigate the web of difficult, possibly corrupt agencies that have political connections and policy road blocks guarded by lawyers and even judges is worse.

We might agree the best most conceivable way forward is to acquire the 2/3 signatures of Forest Park voters to get OUT. The next steps could only be described as a battle, a fight for the educational destiny of our kids. If the battlefield was level, citizens might have a chance. It is not.

Connie Custardo

Forest Park

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