A common theme of journalists and historians is to connect the dots and bring observance and understanding of people, places, and events.

 In remembering Dr. Frank J. Orland, I see a lifetime’s commitment in doing just that. You can read his anecdotal references The Forest Park Chronicles and hear his perspectives on Forest Park online at the Forest Park Public Library’s website.

 His birthday is Jan. 23 and he would have been 97 this year. Revisiting his legacy to us shows that he was also successful in getting community folks engaged healthy collaboration and interested in sharing our community history and stories. A big part of this he did through promoting membership in the Historical Society of Forest Park. Today, we could use a generous serving of the social capitol that Dr. Orland helped cultivate. Members make all the difference in moving our organization forward in accomplishing our mission. Our members are our historians!

 Befittingly, here are some “Dr. Orlandisms” to appreciate excerpted from The Chronicles of Forest Park 1985-1999, Edition III,

…” The overall view of the Historical Society about a printed history of Forest Park was that rather than publish a dated, massive book (tome) it would print a series of booklets, The Chronicles of Forest Park, to which could be added any number of editions as time , money, and energy became available.”

In the previous issue of The Chronicles, the Editor stated he hoped some younger person would come forth and take the lead or at least assist the Editor as he has reached four-score years and more and is slowing down!”

It has never been the intent since inception to include every event that has occurred, but only the significant and pleasant ones, so each edition of the Chronicles has always purported to be a “cultural compilation of Forest Park.”

Robert Cox, President

Historical Society of Forest Park

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