Twitchy pair arrested for heroin and crack

Police stopped a tan Trailblazer on March 19 around 12:30 p.m., for changing lanes without signaling, then noticed both driver and passenger appeared so jumpy that their hands were “shaking uncontrollably” as officers spoke to them. When asked why they were so nervous, driver Ryan D. Williford, 24, of Broadview, reportedly stated, “Um, no reason.” Williford stated he had a license, just not with him. A check of his name showed he did not and never has had an Illinois driver’s license. He then stated he had a South Carolina license, which proved to be suspended. He was arrested for that offense.

The owner and passenger of the truck, 25-year-old Deangelis Bronner of Maywood, provided ID and seemed extremely nervous, reportedly “stuttering, taking very large breaths, and constantly looking away” from the detective who was questioning him. The detective noticed Bronner had two cellphones in his hand, one a Samsung Note, the other a pre-paid flip phone. Bronner reportedly told the detective the flip phone was “you know, a burner phone,” a term commonly used for phones in drug transactions. A K-9 unit arrived to help search the vehicle, during which police located a second “burner” phone under the rear driver’s side doormat — one both men denied they owned. 

Bronner’s “burner,” police said, kept ringing throughout the stop. K-9 unit Diesel alerted officers to the trailer hitch of the truck. Inside, police found 12 baggies, each containing a tinfoil packet of suspected heroin. Nineteen smaller, clear, knotted bags containing suspected crack cocaine fell to the ground. At that point, Bronner reportedly put his head in his hands and stated “F@&#!” Police also found a magnetic key holder containing an additional four baggies, each with a tinfoil packet of suspected heroin powder. All the suspected drugs field-tested positive for the presumptive presence of heroin and cocaine.

Both Bronner and Williford were charged with possession and manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.

Backyard treasure now someone else’s

A man in the 900 block of Hannah Street, March 17, reported someone entered his backyard during the night and removed 10 old hubcaps from his antique collection.

Driver suspiciously seated

While monitoring heavy westbound traffic near 1st Avenue and Harrison Street on March 17 around 4:50 p.m., an officer noticed the driver of a black Chevrolet sedan sit up straight and place his hands at a “ten and two” position, in contrast to all other drivers passing by. A check of the plate revealed an owner whose description matched that of the driver; a check of that name revealed his license was suspended. The officer pulled over Taylor T. Newell, 23, of Chicago, and charged him with driving uninsured and unlicensed.

Suspended license and plate

An officer ran the registration on a green Ford Taurus, March 17 around 8:05 p.m., southbound on Harlem at 13th, and learned its plates were suspended for non-insurance. Driver Ceaira B. Beasley, 27, of Chicago, was cited for that and for driving on a suspended Illinois license. Neither of Beasley’s two passengers was validly licensed either, so the car was towed.

Wal-Mart theft leads to banishment

March 18, 2014, 2:38 PM

A loss prevention agent for Wal-Mart, 1300 Desplaines Avenue, called police on March 18 around 2:30 p.m. to report she had a woman in custody for retail theft after observing her place 15 items in her purse, then walk out without paying. The items had a total value of $66.99. Police found the woman had no previous convictions and was given a local ordinance citation, with a court date of May 7 at village hall. She also signed an agreement with Wal-Mart that she was no longer welcome to enter any of its stores.

Truck vandalized on Randolph

A man came to the police station, March 18, to report he found his Chevy Tahoe was vandalized while it was parked in the 7400 block of Randolph Street. Someone cut the right rear tire, which cost $91 to repair. The vandal also removed a parking permit from the rear window of the vehicle.

Berwyn man arrested for speeding

March 19, 2014, 4:43 AM

An officer saw a black Chevy Trailblazer going very fast, northbound, in the 900 block of Harlem Avenue on March 19 around 4:45 p.m. Radar showed 52 mph in a 30-mph zone. By the time the officer pulled the driver over, he had also blown a red light at Harlem and Harrison. When asked for license and insurance, the driver produced a Mexican consulate ID card and reportedly stated he “had an appointment downtown” to obtain his visitor’s driver’s license. But a check of the name, Guillermo Bandera, 34, of Berwyn, revealed he was driving without a license and that, even if he were licensed, that license would have been suspended for insurance violation. The vehicle was towed. Bandera was cited for speeding, disobeying a red light, and driving on a suspended license.

Vigilant neighbor interrupts garage burglary

A witness called police, March 20 around 12:30 p.m., to describe a large man, lying on his stomach and lifting up a garage door in the 900 block of Lathrop Avenue while trying to pull out a box. The witness said she spoke to the man, who reportedly told her, “I live here.” Suspicious, she went home and called police. Police arrived to find the garage door open about 6 inches. The suspect was not seen. Police called the homeowner, who arrived and said the garage door was closed when he left. Reportedly, nothing was missing.

Dog and walker endangered in crosswalk

An officer monitoring traffic at Madison and Constitution Court, March 20 around 6:50 p.m., saw a woman, who was walking a dog across Madison Street when a silver Hyundai drove through the crosswalk without stopping or slowing down. The officer stopped driver Aaron J. Lunsford, 37, of Forest Park, for failure to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Lunsford reportedly stated he did not see the woman with the dog.

Closing-time commotion

An officer patrolling Madison Street westbound during bar closing time, March 21, saw a man walking eastbound with a white plastic cup in hand. After turning around to learn what the cup contained, the officer reported seeing the same man walk out of the doorway of Schauer’s Hardware store, this time without the cup, which upon examination, appeared to contain beer. When the officer approached the man and asked him to throw the beer away, the man stated it wasn’t his. The officer wrote a local ordinance ticket for open alcohol to Casimir John Zwiazek, 22, of Chicago. While the ticket was being written, Zwiazek reportedly made the following statements: “You don’t know if that’s mine, you gotta take DNA. It must be end of the month ticket time. You must be low on the totem pole. You did a good job today, hope you retire well and a live a good life catching criminals on Madison Street. You wasted my time and yours. You have any kids? Probably not. What, you couldn’t get that right?” Zwiazek has a Forest Park court date of May 7.

Vagrant removed from 7-11

A clerk at the convenience store in the 7700 block of Roosevelt told police, March 21 around 9:45 a.m., that a man entered the store and talked a stranger into buying him coffee, then approached the clerk and asked her to give him a banana. The woman said she could not do that but could sell him one. The man became insistent and kept glancing at the register. Fearful he would try to break into the register, the woman called police to have him removed. Police found the man outside the store. He gave police two alternative names and three different birthdates. When asked if he was getting himself arrested just to have food and a place to say, he reportedly said yes. He was booked for criminal trespass.

Felonious shoplifter flees in Porsche

On March 21 around 5:45 p.m., a Wal-Mart security reported a man stole a large amount of electronics, worth more than $300 and thus a felony, then ran out the door and fled the scene in a black Porsche SUV.

Wal-Mart felony theft arrest

On March 22 around 3 p.m., police charged Bertrell Lamb, 33, of Chicago, with retail theft after a loss prevention agent at Wal-Mart reported Lamb concealed 18 items of clothing inside Wal-Mart bags, put them in a cart and left the store without paying. The clothing has a total value of $201.61. Based on Lamb’s two prior burglary convictions, the state’s attorney approved a felony charge of retail theft.

—Amy Malina

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