On behalf of the Animal Care League Board of Directors, we take all concerns very seriously. In response to those stated recently [Animal Care League leadership under fire, June 26], we wanted to clarify a few points. 

Of course, any group of “concerned citizens” has the right to express its concerns publicly, but some information was correct, and some was not. We, as a board, wish to emphasize our longtime commitment to animal welfare and, in particular, lost, stray, abandoned, abused, and surrendered animals who need our help. 

The citizens group raised concerns regarding euthanasia policy. Euthanasia is a very, very emotional subject and opinions range from euthanize no animals to euthanize far too many. Decisions are difficult; mistakes are made both ways. But ACL strives to make the right decisions for us, the animals, and the public. 

The Board of ACL strongly supports our executive director, Kira Robson, and our shelter manager, Marci Watt, and their management and commitment to animal welfare. They have been working closely with the board to address some key organizational adjustments and development of staff policies and procedures to meet HR standards. We realize that some employees still need to embrace this change, but change was necessary for the organization to move forward and build a stronger future.     

ACL is committed to providing a positive work environment, volunteer engagement, and a safe and healthy environment for both humans and animals. We are eager to share our many, many success stories and hope Wednesday Journal will feature some of these for you to enjoy and learn more about our 40-plus years serving animals and the public.

Chatka Ruggiero

Board president, Animal Care League