Police have arrested two suspects for car burglary.

Joshua Rivera of Berwyn has been charged with one count of burglary from a motor vehicle along with a juvenile.

On June 29 around 5 a.m., two employees standing outside the Weinstein Meats building, 7500 Industrial Drive, saw two suspicious-looking men, with bandanas obscuring their faces, exit the factory’s parking lot.

The workers called police and went to check their cars. Responding officers found two individuals, the 21-year-old Rivera and a 15-year-old boy, at a nearby intersection, Marengo Avenue and 16th Street, who matched the description given by the Weinstein employees.

A search of their backpacks revealed multiple pairs of sunglasses, leather gloves, an LG cellular phone, a few knives, three bottles of cologne, spare change and a Miofuse heart rate monitor.

Surveillance footage shows two men breaking into three different cars in the factory parking lot. The burglars admitted to stealing from numerous other vehicles in the area.

Rivera faces felony charges, but the 15-year-old will be processed in juvenile court.