In an online post on Tuesday and in our print edition today, Wednesday Journal printed a news article that followed up on the recent death of an Oak Park woman.

While factually accurate and based on public information, the article was completely tone deaf as it included details related to her death that had no purpose in being published. The inclusion of this information was contrary to our editorial policies and, more importantly, fully at odds with the essential values of trust and respect which we work hard each day to build with our readers.

Clearly there was a vital miscommunication internally and for that I take full responsibility.

I recognize the intense pain we have caused both this family and the wider community with our reporting. I offer our deepest apology and regret.

This is damage that cannot be easily undone. There is pain here that we have intensified.

For those of you who have called me to express your upset, sent an e-mail, posted on Facebook or have added comments to our online coverage, I offer my thanks. We made a serious error in editorial judgment and the criticism is deserved.

Once more my apologies to the family and our community.

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