Ms. Queala Wells, the District 91 Spelling Bee Coordinator, made positive changes this year to the Annual District Spelling Bee.  Ms. Wells aligned the rules and procedures to match those of the regional bee and held the events earlier in the year to give the winner the opportunity to take it further. This year, district champion, Miles Smith will advance to the 7th Annual Illinois Subruban Cook County Scripps Spelling Bee event in February! Congratulatiion to all of our District 91 Spelling Bee Winners/Contestants.

District Champions


1st Place:  Miles Smith  (8th Grade, Forest Park Middle School)

2nd Place:  Raynuel Tupas  (5th Grade, Field Stevenson)

3rd Place:  Aaron Castro  (7th Grade, Forest Park Middle School)


Third Grade


1st Place:  Norah Woodyard (Grand White)

2nd Place:  Carlos Rivera  (Field Stevenson)

3rd Place:  Jaiden Smith (Field Stevenson)


Fourth Grade


1st Place:  Brandon Arnold-Wallace (Field Stevenson)

2nd Place:  Logan Wagner (Field Stevenson)

3rd Place:  Genevieve LeBlanc (Field Stevenson)


Fifth Grade


1st Place:  Raynuel Tupas (Field Stevenson)

2nd Place:  Alecia Moss (Field Stevenson)

3rd Place:  Kyran Underwood (Grand White)


Sixth Grade


1st Place:  Daniel Contreas

2nd Place: Leila Hill

3rd Place:  Ashanti Colburn


Seventh Grade


1st Place:  Aaron Castro

2nd Place:  Brannon Young

3rd Place:  Javier Figueroa


Eighth Grade


1st Place:  Miles Smith

2nd Place:  Jaydon Solarium

3rd Place:  Brianna Irizarry