Calderone JH_200701050917_MG_9925.CR2 1/5/2007 -- 9:17:28 AM ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: Village electoral board will hear arguments on objections filed against three mayoral candidates. Petitioner and/or her attorney will be present. Please get photos of the meeting as well as head shots for any mayoral candidates present. DATE and TIME: Friday, 1/5/2007 at 9:15 a.m. WHERE: Village Hall, 517 Desplaines Ave. CONTACT: Sally Cody PHONE: 708-615-6203 WRITER: Josh Adams NUMBER OF PHOTOS NEEDED: 2 (plus mug shots for archives) DATE DUE: Monday, Jan. 8 ASSIGNED BY: Josh, FPR PHOTO BY: Josh Hawkins DIGITAL NUMBER: FILE NAME: Jan10_07FPR

Anthony Calderone, mayor of Forest Park, announced Tuesday in an e-mail to the Forest Park Review, that he is backing the Proviso Together slate in next week’s election. 

“Simply during my entire mayorship I have desired the best possible education for the children of Forest Park. Beginning two years ago, there is renewed interest in moving our public high school in a best direction. This is continuing this election season. I support the Proviso Together team,” wrote Calderone.

The Proviso Together effort began two years ago in Forest Park and resulted in the election of two Forest Park residents, Claudia Medina and Ned Wagner, to the District 209 school board.

In the current election, a slate of four challengers has been put forward by Proviso Together. They are opposed by three incumbent board members and a newcomer running as the Proviso First slate.

Dan Haley

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