Courtesy Rina Peterson

The precinct level results are up. Here are the highlights:

  • Proviso Together won 56% of the vote overall and every town except Bellwood, Melrose Park and Stone Park.
  • Proviso Together won 89% of the vote in Forest Park. Only 5% of the voters skipped the 209 portion of the ballot, lowest by far. Turnout was up 300 over the last non-mayoral election (2013).
  • Proviso Together won 66% of the vote in Westchester. Turnout was up more than 1,000 over 2015. Amanda Grant (Westchester resident) won Kevin McDermott’s home precinct by 106 votes. Brian Cross (of Westchester) came in seventh.
  • Proviso Together won 59% of the vote in Maywood. Della Patterson’s 1,538 votes were the most of any candidate in any town. Proviso Together won every precinct but one.

Other towns:

Proviso Together won two precincts in Melrose Park. In 2015, they didn’t win any.

They won 45% of Stone Park.

They barely lost Bellwood (46%), up from 42% in 2015.


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