This handwriting analysis is made from a sample of Donald Trump’s signature taken from the internet. Unfortunately, the signature is the only writing sample available so this analysis will be based totally on this signature.

President Donald Trump’s writing is large, very heavy, illegible, upright, and filled with sharp angles, and these writing characteristics reveal a good deal, but not everything, about the President’s personality, talents, and character.

The large signature shows that he has a very high opinion of himself and often feels superior to others. He has considerable personal pride and has a great need to be in authority, and to be recognized by others. The Donald has significant self-confidence and is ambitious, egotistical, and vain. He is bold and not afraid to accept challenges. 

He cannot tolerate being overlooked, and has a deep desire for greatness. Mr. Trump is impressed by others who have wealth and power, and he desires to be even greater. He wants to dominate and impress others so he shows off. He is arrogant, boastful, and has feelings of grandeur.

President Trump’s writing is extremely heavy and thick and this suggests that he is independent, firm, obstinate, rigid, and very secretive. He exaggerates his own importance and loves being in the limelight. He is realistic and practical but very stubborn. 

Donald has incredible energy, vitality, tenacity, and willpower, and he is fearless and not afraid to accept challenges. He is very determined and has the ability to make decisions. Unfortunately, he is also obstinate, irritable, impulsive, aggressive, and desires to have his own way without due thought to the consequences.

The President’s writing is filled with sharp angles and this shows that he has a sharp mind. He is a very intelligent man and is decisive, conscientious, determined, and goal-directed but has many inner conflicts. Donald is intolerant, suspicious, domineering, uncompromising, and lacking in sympathy and empathy.

Mr. Trump’s script is very illegible, meaning that he is secretive, individualistic and living in a world of his own ideas. He does not conform to set patterns and is suspicious, inconsiderate, and mistrusting. He is dealing with significant emotional confusion and neurotic fear. Despite being verbose, he is really emotionally detached, reticent, and inhibited.

So President Trump is an enigma! He is bright, talented, charming, and charismatic, but he is also a conflicted and confused individual, who appears to be unwilling or unable to accept counsel or guidance. While he has intelligence and motivation, wisdom, patience, compassion, and common sense appear to be lacking.

Dr. James Murray is a certified graphoanalyst. He wrote a column on handwriting analysis for 31 years in the Forest Park Review and also in Wednesday Journal (for a time). Dr. Murray is a retired school social worker for the Forest Park Public Schools and resides in Forest Park.