Kim Rostello officially became president of the Forest Park District 91 Board of Education at a school board meeting on Feb. 14. After six years of service on the board, Rostello succeeds longtime president Mary Win Connor, who vacated her position “within a week” of the meeting, Rostello said. Because she had been serving as vice president, she was automatically moved to the president’s position after Connor resigned. 

Connor said she resigned because of “health issues.” Her husband Eric Connor, who serves as secretary of the board, added that she was too busy as a bookkeeper during tax season to continue to serve as president, declining to elaborate further. Connor remains on the board but has left the top spot. She was appointed to the board in 2007. 

“She just didn’t feel like, at this point and time, she could fulfill it in a positive way that she felt she was giving her all to that,” Rostello said. “I respect that, totally, that she didn’t feel she could do that but wants to still participate and be part of the voice.” 

Rostello said all her children attended schools within the district, including her daughter who has an individualized education program (IEP). She said her daughter is now attending St. Joseph High School in Westchester and earned straight A’s in her first semester. 

“I want to keep the district moving forward. Do we have some issues we have to work on? Absolutely,” Rostello said. “But I think every district does, and it’s not a static thing, right? I just want to see the district move forward and all the suggestions and feedback, keep rolling and keep moving forward.” 

Nona Tepper