In today’s Review we are publishing a One View by Tony D’Andrea, a Forest Park academic, who identifies five key trends facing the village. It is a fascinating read based on recently released and updated census data.

Following on our editorial about school test scores, two of the trends seem especially applicable to our schools.

D’Andrea notes that the multicultural mix of Forest Park is shifting somewhat. And this being a small town the shifts are small but potentially significant. He reports an increase in the village’s Asian and white population with the growth of Asians being more notable. Black and Hispanic population in town is in a decline. 

Forest Park’s public school enrollment has been dropping for a long while. D’Andrea documents that in part that is a result of a rapid decline in the number of children — ages 19 and under — in Forest Park. Since the 2010 census was released, there are 11 percent fewer children living in Forest Park.