Just in time, Kindness Week is coming back to Forest Park. 

The invention last year of Amy O’Connell, a Betsy Ross first-grade teacher, the simple notion of an art project creating labels with kindness-related themes spread across the village. Everyone wanted in.

And so on Monday night, the Forest Park Village Council officially proclaimed Feb. 10-16 as Kindness Week in town. Elena Baker and Bryce Grandberry, first graders carrying on the tradition, gave Mayor Rory Hoskins, each commissioner and each department head kindness labels at the meeting.

Last year more than 10,000 kindness labels wound up being distributed as all the District 91 public schools caught the caring bug. The district, the chamber, the library, the park district and the village government are once again aligned in this simple, powerful message during these dark winter days. Kindness counts. It doesn’t cost, it pays. And each and every one of us can get in on it.