We’re not looking for unanimity in how village commissioners vote. Vote splits at 4-1 and 3-2 can be victories for good debate and nuanced arguments; they can reflect the complexity of issues and worthy divides over priorities. 

What worries us, once again, are votes that split over personalities and perceptions. The Forest Park Village Council has a propensity for such divides. As we report this week on page one, Dan Novak got through his first term as a commissioner under radio silence, but nine months into a second term, he has become an active thorn to Mayor Rory Hoskins, at least some fellow commissioners, Village Administrator Tim Gillian and the leaders of various departments at village hall. 

The alleged offense is endless emails from Novak to all concerned asking for detailed responses on all aspects of village work. Hoskins and Gillian said the perpetual demands are diverting department heads from their jobs, and the information sought would be better obtained face-to-face or by phone. 

Novak said he’s busy with family and work and that his emails are efficient and spur simple transparency. He claims he is being frozen out by colleagues and staff who have stopped responding to him.

My goodness. Are we here again? Our regular reminder: You are all elected to run a small village government. It’s important and thank you for serving. But personality squabbles are wearying, egos are boring. Just do the work with respect and spare us the drama.