The bus bench at Circle Ave and Roosevelt Road was subject to a message battle in 1992.  The bench, owned by Wright Advertising Corporation, had a biblical passage warning that “homosexual perverts” among others, would not “inherit God’s kingdom.”  
In response, the Circle Theatre, rented the advertising space on the bench and changed the message encouraging people to reach out to Community Response, an agency that focused on helping people with AIDS and HIV to lead a life of enhanced quality.  The group assisted with counseling, transportation, hospice and basic needs like rent and meals.  
  Circle Theatre director Karen Skinner, with the support of CAMEO (Chicago Area Mens’ Enrichment Organization) decided to take matters in their own hands and make a positive message out of a negative one.  In September, 1992, Karen Skinner shared “I figured if the bench could incite this much negative publicity, it had the same potential to incite positive action about the issue of AIDS.”

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