There’s no normal right now. COVID-19 does not allow normal. And so despite the impulses of educators and parents to somehow reopen classrooms part time, or at least to have teachers in their classrooms not their spare bedrooms, our local school districts have made the right choice, the only choice, and have sent teachers home to Zoom to our kids.

District 91 elementary schools made the choice — which was a sharp U-turn — last week. District 209 Proviso High Schools took the same action after thoroughly angering their teachers by forcing them back into the schools a few weeks earlier.

The pandemic calls for many virtues at a time when we are all more fried than virtuous. We need to stay nimble because we’re not in control. We need to stay kind and generous toward others because none of us are in control. We need to stay determined while allowing some simmering frustration and anger because right now and for some time ahead this virus is in control.