The Review sent a reasonable batch of questions to the superintendent at the Proviso Township High Schools asking about the plan to bring food services back into the district rather than contracting with a vendor.

We’ve been covering this issue for a few years now, ever since everyone at District 209 concluded the outside vendor’s food was putrid. There is seldom such consensus on an issue in education. But this food was terrible and the vendor had to go.

Now Supt. James Henderson is taking the surprising step of bringing food prep and service back in house. In an era of outsourcing, it is a surprise and that’s why it is an interesting story to cover.

What’s not surprising is the long harangue of a response from the district’s communication professional saying Dr. Henderson will no longer talk to the Review about food service or any other topic. He doesn’t like our critical coverage and he chooses to ignore our positive stories about the district.

We were surprised that the harangue also knee capped the district’s former superintendent, not a typical approach. But Henderson’s approach is rarely typical.

We’ll keep reporting on the Proviso schools. That’s our job.