On June 14, the village council made a change to the liquor code. The addition to Section 3-6-6 of the liquor code automatically reduces the number of licenses in a license category by one when a license is revoked, surrendered, not renewed or becomes dormant.

The council unanimously voted to support this change to the liquor code.

Previously, an expired or dormant license would remain open until the village council voted to reduce the number of licenses in the category. An open license was therefore available to be issued to another bar owner at the liquor commissioner’s discretion and with no need for a vote by the entire village council.

Now, since the number of liquor licenses will automatically be reduced when, for example, a restaurant or bar closes, the village council will need to vote to add a license to the applicable category when a new establishment applies for a license.

Mayor Rory Hoskins, who functions as the liquor commissioner, said that previously, if an ordinance wasn’t brought forth before the council to reduce the number of liquor licenses after a business closed or relinquished their license, “the license would sit.” He added: “And there would be the ability to issue that license pursuant to a successful application in the process. So, what this ordinance does is it remove that authority, and so if someone doesn’t renew the license, that license goes away.”