The July plan commission meeting to continue the discussion of a proposed Harrison Street apartment development has been canceled, according to Director of Building, Planning and Zoning Steve Glinke. The meeting was to be a chance for plan commissioners to provide the developers with more detailed recommendations and suggestions, after two meetings failed to provide satisfaction for residents and commissioners and specific enough recommendations for the developer.

“The developers are reevaluating their options and potentially exploring a multiple-building plan,” Glinke said.

At the original meeting in March, 7400-7412 Harrison Street Properties LLC was given a continuation in order to adjust their plans, after residents and plan commissioners took issue with several aspects of the project, including its size, the number of units, parking and traffic.

The May meeting was postponed due to a Comcast outage, and the June meeting caused frustration for the developers after negative feedback about their amended plans, which included a reduction in the overall number of units.

At that meeting, developer Tim Loucopoulos said a further decrease in the number of units might not be economically feasible and he wanted more direction from the commission. The July meeting would have provided that opportunity, but according to Glinke, the developers have decided to evaluate other uses for the land, which is owned by Tony Kaldis, a member of 7400-7412 Harrison Street Properties, LLC.