The Facebook comments on our Brown Cow story last week summed it up well.

It’s easy to turn out in support of a local business that is so often and obviously in support of the village, said our readers. We agree. Connie Brown, the owner of the ice cream shop, is reaping the good will she has sown over these many years.

The Brown Cow pandemic story is a classic. Early on in the COVID crisis, the company that custom-manufactured Brown Cow’s fabulous ice cream closed up. It left Brown Cow without a source for its products.

On the advice of a son, Brown combined the giving technology of GoFundMe with the pent-up generosity of a community locked down at home. In under 24 hours the fund to build an inhouse creamery on Madison Street was 80% funded. Over time that creamery was built and Brown Cow now makes its own ice cream.

On July 18, with the active support and financial backing of GoFundMe, Brown Cow gave out more than 1,000 scoops of its special “Sprinkle Kindness” creation as a thank-you to supporters.

Of course this being Connie Brown, this is more than a one-day event and it is about more than just her shop. The host seven years ago of the very first gathering of Proviso residents determined to save its high schools continues to focus on District 209 students. So between now and July 31, 100% of the proceeds of sales of Sprinkle Kindness ice cream will go to the 209 Scholarship fund, which is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit. GoFundMe will match the contributions.