Dr. Frank Orland, then-president of the Historical Society of Forest Park, pulls out a megaphone while leading a tour of Forest Home Cemetery in 1992. Forest Park Review archives

Dr. Frank Orland, a man of ideas and ideals, founded the Historical Society of Forest Park in 1975.

His long list of life accomplishments included his research in the 1950s on the large role bacteria had on tooth decay, and he was an advocate for fluoride treatment to prevent decay. Dr. Orland and his wife Phylis ran a dental office on Madison Street and were well-known and respected in Forest Park.

Dr. Orland asked people to donate their stories and treasures to the historical society. He conducted tireless research on Forest Park and believed everyone had a story to tell.

Dr. Orland started an event he called “Tales of the Tombstones” and invited the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest to be a part of the event in 1992 to raise awareness and funds for both organizations.