I got the rapid negative result from the Proviso Math and Science Academy COVID hut today, but I am disappointed, in a way, to not get the positive mark.

The random chills, general tiredness and a sneeze that has prevented me from leaving my house for the past few days cannot be psychosomatic. I am not mentioning this to get any vote of sympathy, because I really do feel fine, and the need for a nap and being home without the energy to get things done is just a minor inconvenience. It is making me think more about my new year goals and overall vision quest.

I do make new year resolutions, and right now some are on pause. I am not quite able to get back in the gym or go out for a walk, but I can continue my small changes and adjust my point of view to stay on point.

I’ve been busy between naps with digital shopping followed by abandoning my digital cart. It is so satisfying to fill a cart with loaves of Katich bakery bread (from the Oak Park Farmers Market). Another cart filled with art supplies beyond what I can afford sit unpurchased, and I have a cart filled with dozens of heirloom seeds in the virtual basket that will never get purchased, never get planted, but for a moment become part of my daydream.

The time to plant indoors is approaching so it is time dream of a garden of heirloom vegetables and petite violas is in full swing, the grand garden plans that are a part of my annual vision. It really builds my appreciation of my fellow gardening friends gardens who also aspire to be well organized, simple and focused.

I have another goal this year, which is to be a steady volunteer. Tom Holmes’ article last week, Volunteer supply chain shortages, on this national day of service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, really rang home with me. I have appreciated people who have helped me when I have needed a volunteer or two or three, and it seems like it might be time for me to payback with some service.

I guess this short setback is just practice for having the grace and patience to get through the hurdles that will come to the year. Spring is just around the corner and as we all hunker down for the final weeks of winter, I hope all my fellow Forest Parkers are staying healthy and positive this January.

Soon we will all see one another again.