With the COVID 19 pandemic contributing to the rise of child exploitation, Parents Against Child Sex Abuse (PAXA) has witnessed the need for greater resources for child protection. Every day, PAXA hears from parents asking for guidance and how they can help against sexual abuse, making this a collective mission for all parents.

Child sexual abuse itself is a wavering topic that is often left out of the conversation, producing misconceptions and false narratives. However, these misunderstandings can be eliminated through education and guidance. According to the Child Molestation & Prevention Institute, 95% of sexual abuse is preventable through education. For this reason, PAXA developed various programs that make child protection accessible and approachable.

Our latest program, P.A.X.A. Pointers Curriculum, is rooted in targeting scenarios to keep children safe from close-in predators. In over 90% of circumstances, a child is being sexually abused by someone they know (source: CDC), making it a priority to start sexual abuse prevention measures at home. “Education is the first step towards prevention and the P.A.X.A. Pointers Curriculum offers parents the power to be the first-line defense to protect our children.” PAXA Board Director and Oak Park resident, Joel Foster.

The Curriculum’s Resource Guide includes topics from babysitters to online safety, offering parents insights about how to prevent child sexual abuse in present-day circumstances. The Curriculum can also be enhanced with virtual or in-person presentation options that can be of further help to individuals, parent groups, churches, and congregations.

Parents can get started by purchasing a PAXA Pointers Curriculum Resource Guide ($20) via the website: www.paxa.online