Poetry is a hard sell. Many people do not like it. So why not a column of haikus?

The leaves are falling. The snow is coming too soon. Let’s get out of here.

Election season. Signs go up on the front lawns. Don’t forget to vote.

The Sox were awful. They ripped our hearts out daily. When will owner sell?

Smoking on the “el.” Some stretching out on the seats. Boom boxes are back.

Walking quiet streets. Good for our health and our minds. Outlaw leaf blowers!

Reading a real book. It feels good to turn pages. Bookmarks needed.

Day drinking feels good. A beer in the afternoon. Fall asleep by 5:00.

The road construction. It drives motorists crazy. Hate the color orange. 

The Bears are moving. Leaving their lakeside spaceship. No more thoroughbreds. 

The bucket boys gone. No more drumming after games. Lori’s idea. 

Offices empty. No one wants to go to work. Workers wear jammies. 

Cubs are loveable. There are no expectations. Only way is up. 

Classic rock boring. Talk radio can get old. Opera endless. 

Writing children’s book. Limit is 300 words. Characters are trees. 

Classrooms empty. No one wants to go to school. Students wear jammies. 

Shortage of teachers. District 209 a mess. We need a new board. 

Private schools thriving. Some public schools are hurting. Parents objecting.

Single-use plastic. It’s destroying the ocean. We need to stop now!

Drivers are crazy. They put us all in danger. They use the shoulder. 

Inflation is real. Burger costs ten bucks. The fries are extra. 

No one goes shopping. They order their stuff online. The boxes pile up. 

Retirement busy. How did we work full-time jobs? Watch grandsons play sports.

High school reunion. Fifty years is a long time. Still fear detention.

McGaffer’s Book Club. We’re reading circus books next. We miss the circus.

Motorcycles roar. Riders flood the expressway. They weave in and out. 

Flying is a pain. Too many flights are cancelled. Shortage of pilots. 

People work from home. They live wherever they want. Most choose to be warm. 

Trucks are a menace. They make driving too scary. In Indiana. 

Pocket parks facelifts. Family-friendly designs. Using grant money.

Some don’t ask questions. They are not interested. There’s no give and take. 

Theaters are hurting. It’s easier to stay home. Streaming the movies. 

Scrolling phones is good. Hours spent on Facebook and news. But it hurts your neck. 

We need more nature. It’s soothing to walk through woods. Watch for coyotes. 

No All School Picnic. We lost a great tradition. Private schools are gone.

Fall is the best time. The weather is crisp and cool. Please, no pumpkin beer.

Miss burning the leaves. It hurt the environment. But it smelled so good. 

Will miss my neighbors. We’ll all be hibernating. Or in Florida.

John Rice is a columnist/novelist who has seen his family thrive in Forest Park. He has published two books set in the village: The Ghost of Cleopatra and The Doll with the Sad Face.