When a national magazine publishes a two-page spread headlined Best Properties on the Market it might be unexpected that one of the six homes featured is right here in Forest Park.

But that is what Mary Ritchie, an alert Forest Park Review and The Week subscriber, told us when she called with the news.

So we looked it up. And there among homes in Woods Hole, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas; New York City; Fort Thomas, Kentucky; and Seattle — possibly trendier communities — is a new construction home in Forest Park.

It is a three-bedroom townhouse built in 2018 on Van Buren adjacent to the Altenheim property. We’ve noticed the place while the Review lined up for recent St. Patrick’s Day parades. Lots of glass, a modern twist on more traditional architecture. The write-up in the magazine notes its 9.5-foot ceilings, chef’s kitchen, balcony, fireplace all spread across three floors.

The price? A worthy $544,000.

It is in a spread with loftier price tags — $920,000 for mountain and Puget Sound views in Seattle, $995,000 at Woods Hole (that’s Cape Cod) for a quarter-acre and a short walk to the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry, $919,000 for a renovated ranch in Austin, and $789,000 for a genteel not-quite mansion in Fort Thomas (right near Cincy). It was built in 1856; that’s before the Civil War if you’re picking sides.

But our Forest Park prize is not the least expensive featured home. That would be the “Steal of the Week” in NYC. A one-bedroom co-op in the landmarked 1927 Prospect Tower, just a block from the United Nation Plaza. A bargain, we’d all agree, at $450,000.