Allison Harrington, Public Works Director Sal Stella, Juliet Harrington and Commissioner Jessica Voogd with playground equipment for the dog park thanks to a fundraiser launched by Juliet.

As then-fifth grade student Juliet Harrington looked at the state of Forest Park’s village-owned dog park at 632 Circle Ave., she knew that it could be better than “a boring mud bucket” – and she decided to do something about it.

Harrington wanted to get the playground equipment dogs could run and climb on. She researched the playground equipment and found out how much it would cost. With the village’s help, she launched a fundraiser. It reached the $5,000 goal in July, a month before it was scheduled to end. The playground equipment was delivered at the start of November, and the village expects to have it installed in Spring 2023.

“I hope that it shows that it doesn’t matter about your age, anybody can make a difference,” Harrington said. “I really hope people enjoy driving past the dog park and for those who donated to know that you helped.”