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Forest Park Review’s
2023 Election Guide

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Elections Overview

The Review sent questionnaires to each person running for public office in 2023. Candidates who submitted responses are listed below with links to their responses. Those candidates who are not linked did not send in responses. Candidates’ replies are as shown as they were received by the Review.

Village of Forest Park Mayor (1 open seat)
John Doss
Rory Hoskins (incumbent)
Village of Forest Park Board of Commissioners (4 open seats)
Joe Landgrebe
Maria Maxham (incumbent)
Michelle Melin-Rogovin
Ryan Nero (incumbent)
Ryan Russ
Jessica Voogd (incumbent)
District 91 Board of Education (4 open seats)
Monica Angelo
Al-Fuquan Brooks (incumbent)
Monique Cotton Yancy (incumbent)
Shannon Wood (incumbent)
D209 Board of Education (3 open seats )
Maribel Aguirre
Jennifer Barbahen
Jayda James
Theresa Kelly (incumbent)
Jon Kubricht
Sandra Joseph-Hixson
Claudia Medina (incumbent)
David Ocampo
Park District of Forest Park Board of Commissioners (3 open seats)
Tim Gillian (incumbent)
Cathleen McDermott (incumbent)
Roy Sansone (incumbent)