Richard Boykin, who served as the 1st District Cook County commissioner from 2014 until 2018, before being unseated by Chicago’s Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, is considering running to replace Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Last month, Foxx announced she will not seek a third term. 

Boykin told the Austin Weekly News he “has talked to a lot of people” and heard very encouraging comments. Before announcing an official decision, Boykin plans on hosting town hall meetings across Cook County where he wants to hear from advocacy groups, residents and victims of violence. 

“I believe the best form of democracy is a bottoms-up democracy,” he said, adding he plans to listen to county residents’ concerns to “tailor” a platform that makes people feel safe. 

While he is yet to determine his bid to be Cook County’s top prosecutor, Boykin said he believes it is key to “make sure that we hold criminals accountable for their actions and build bridges between the police and the community they serve.” He added it is important that offenders who are arrested in a constitutional manner are promptly prosecuted, a concern he has heard from victims of violence and residents. 

“The main driving force in our county is that too many people feel unsafe,” Boykin said. “They’re afraid to go downtown, they’re afraid to take the CTA…”

He added he has heard from multiple residents that if people who have been arrested on a chargeable offense are deemed to be guilty through evidence, “they should be taken off the streets.” 

On May 12, Boykin plans to host his first town hall on Chicago’s South Side. “I want to hear from the people in Cook County what they’d like to see in the next State’s Attorney,” he said. After hosting “as many town halls as possible” all around the county, Boykin believes he’ll be in a better position to announce his intentions. 

“I’m excited about the journey and I look forward to the new chapter in Cook County as it relates to the State’s Attorney and making sure that our county is a safer place.”