Supermarket Sweep team at the Forest Park Casket Race on Saturday October 21, 2023 | Todd Bannor

Or caskets, at least.

Forest Parkers turned out in droves with their ride-or-dies in the annual Casket Races, the zany way the village nods to its 800,000 people buried in local cemeteries and honors its local businesses. It draws at least 1,000 spectators each year.

Check out the Cheese Balls, Barbie and Disney villains and you’ll see why.

Photos by Todd Bannor and Igor Studenkov

The fastest teams are, well, the fastest, but not exactly the winners. There’s a special category for that. But there seems to be no surprises among the teams that hit the finish line first.

4. Forest Park Public Works at
19:41 minutes

3. Park District at 19:03 minutes

2. Forest Park Police at 18:67 minutes

1. Bulldog Crossfit at 18:61 minutes.

And for the moment all have been waiting for: the “winners.”


Supermarket Sweep – Sweeping the Competition


Ian Pfaff’s Dead Last

Best House Party

Bethany De Casper’s on Beloit

Dead Last

It’s so good to be Bad  (the Disney villans)

Participating teams include

It’s So Good to be Bad

Smoothie King on Lake St

Supermarket Sweep- Sweeping the Competition

Forest Park School District 91

Park District of Forest Park

Bulldog Bootcamp & Crossfit

Forest Park Library

Graveyard Grand Masters (Grand Appliance)

Team Wednesday (Riveredge Hospital)

Forest Park Police Department

The Helletubbies

The Deadlifters

Out a Time (Back to the Future)

Alma Arts Language Music Academy

Cut to the Chase

Ian Pfaff Dead Last

Venture Paving

Forest Park Public Works

Parkway Dispensary