Two familiar projects, the China Night restaurant/condominium project and the Roos building, were again before the plan commission Monday night.

After more than 90 minutes of discussion the plan commission voted 4-0 to recommend approval of the site plan for Oak Park restaurateur Michael Pace’s plan for a restaurant and six unit condominium building on the site of the former China Night restaurant at 7410 Madison St.

But the plan commission attached conditions to its recommendation requiring Pace to submit schematic drawings of his proposed two bedroom condominium units and of the exterior of the building to the Village Council, which will vote on whether to approve the project on October 24th.

The plan commission also recommended that two deeded parking spaces be required for each of the six condos, although plan commission member Martin Tellalian strenuously argued that only one parking space per condo unit be required and that the remaining parking spaces be allotted to the restaurant.

There will be only 15 parking spaces for the building instead of the 34 required by ordinance because of a variance granted by the zoning board of appeals that is subject to approval by the village council.

The plan commission also voted to recommend that the village council require greenery in the back of the building to hide the dumpsters and that one new tree be planted in front of the building.

Plans call for a four story building, including a restaurant on the ground floor and three floors of condos, which will be somewhat taller than neighboring buildings. Pace’s original plans had called for a five story building and 8 condos but he modified his proposals after village staff objected to his original proposal.

“Overall I think it is a worthwhile project,” said plan commission chairman Steve Bitter. “I like the idea of setting back part of the building’s exterior.”

The exterior of the building will be constructed of brick and stone.

Plat of subdivision approved
for Roos building

Just one week after the village council voted unanimously to let the planned unit development (PUD) expire on the Roos building property at

7329 Harrison the plan commission, in what members said was a formality, voted to approve a plat of subdivision on the property. This allows the property to be consolidated into one lot.

“Why this hasn’t been before I don’t know,” said Commissioner Bill

Kirchner. “This is just a formality. It was part of the PUD. I’m kind of disturbed that the Council is remanding this to us. We did the work.

If the Council can’t do their work then why are they there? We passed this. Why is it before us?”

Kirchner also question why the PUDs for Madison Commons and the Residences at the Grove did not have to come before the plan commission for similar approval of a plat of subdivision.

The plat of subdivision was approved by a 3-1 vote, with Tellalian voting no.

Plan commission member Lois Bugajsky missed the meeting due to illness.

With the PUD expired developer Pat Wangler’s options are limited and he is considering his alternatives.

“Of course we’re disappointed about what happened last week,” Wangler said. “We maintain the utmost respect for Mayor Calderone, his commissioners and his administrative staff. It’s a difficult job that they have to do every day and we appreciate that difficulty. And that’s where we stand right now.”

Any development at the Roos site would require village approval and the plan commission vote does not impact the ability of the village to regulate the property according to Melissa Miroballi, an attorney for the village.

“Approval of this plat does not affect the zoning in any way,” said Miroballi. “It does not impede the ability of the village to regulate this property.”