Mayor Anthony Calderone and Commissioner Rory Hoskins seem to disagree on just about everything lately; so, why should legislative redistricting be any different?

Hoskins testified briefly at a meeting of the state House of Representatives redistricting committee, which held a hearing at Cicero’s Town Hall Council Chambers Saturday afternoon.

Currently, most of Forest Park is part of the 7th District, which is represented by state Rep. Karen Yarbrough; state Rep. LaShawn Ford represents the 8th District, which includes the area south of Roosevelt Road.

“Forest Park has benefited from having two [state representatives],” Hoskins told the committee. “We would like to continue to have more than one state representative.”

According to Hoskins, the residents of Forest Park have more leverage in Springfield with two state representatives advocating for the village.

“In some cases you can get more done working with two legislators who are accountable to the residents of Forest Park than just one,” Hoskins said on Monday. “Different legislators serve on different communities and they have different needs. It just gives you more options in terms of who you appeal to for help in a given situation.”

Calderone, who was not at the Saturday hearing, has a different view.

He said Monday that he would prefer that all of Forest Park be included in one legislative district.

He explained: “We would only have one legislator to work with instead of two. It makes it easier. The legislator pays more attention to you because the district is larger. When they have slivers of a community the reality is that they don’t pay that much attention to you.”

The legislative map will be redrawn this year, as it is every 10 years and the new map will be based on the 2010 census figures. The target population for each state representative district is 108,734. Forest Park’s population is 14,167, according to the 2010 decennial.